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Laser Process Equipment

  • Laser Marker
  • Laser Patterning of Thin Film PV Cell
  • Laser Profiling


Ultra-Clean Robotics, Wafer Handling, Sub-micron Precision Stage, SEMI Std compliant software modules, Laser literacy, Plasma system integration, Wet bench integration, Deep understanding of Semi-conductor fab operation, Interface with MES/MCS, SEMI-S2/S8, CE Certification, NFPA, RoHS compliance,

All of above make Stratus highly recommended candidate for your equipment build partner.

Wafer thickness measurement system, Wafer flatness measurement system, Surface resistivity measurement system, Deposition Layer thickness measurement system.

Disk substrate thickness measure and sort system, Disk texture confirmation system.

Stratus has built numerous custom metrology equipment examples of which are listed above.


Stratus has provided conveyors, disk handlers and custom robots for wet bench and harsh chemical environment.




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