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Installation in a front end disk media manufacturer


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The linear conveyor provides no contact, slip-free motion of carriers through its use of independently controlled drive motors. Each transport section is independently driven and controlled, enabling accumulation and asynchronous motion without the need for a slip drive system. All of the functionality is performed by a built-in controller hence no external controller is required. An exclusive feature of the IntelliTrack Conveyor System is its uniquely simple and flexible control scheme.

Main benefits:

  • Class 1 cleanliness available

  • Simple design

  • High reliability and availability

  • Simple scalability

  • Extensive automation integration capabilities compliance with SEMI E84, SECS II according SEMI E4, E5, E30, E37

  • Easy to install and to integrate

  • Easy to combine with other AMH-systems

  • Proven interface with OHT, stocker and load ports from other vendors

  • Remarkably competitive prices

IntelliMove - Transport System Controller software


To provide truly anywhere-to-anywhere, just in time and smart material delivery and routing solution, Stratus offers an unique off the shelf Transport System Controller (TSC) software called IntelliMove. This fully SEMI compliant TSC provide unparalleled flexibilities in system configurations, future expansion &  tool upgrades/relocation. It offers full suites of hardware simulation & emulation capabilities, real time carrier tracking & reporting, intelligent anomaly recovery with automatic problem identifications and resolutions, extensive in-system diagnostic functions & much more! Please click here to visit the homepage of IntelliMove.



Fully Automated Cassette Delivery System  

Embedded intelligent controller will handle most of the control tasks including soft buffering and diversion at turn table. Together with IntelliMove traffic control software it can manage thousands of cassettes going from multiple entry points to numerous destinations.

 Stratus provides standardized hanging system. Combined with simple snap-in cabling, 100meter of conveyor can  be installed in one day. Many other features reduce initial deployment cost and overall cost of ownership. 


Tool / Machine Buffers  


IntelliTrack conveyors are specifically suited for process tool I/O buffering. It has been installed on over several hundred process tools from numerous process tool builders.




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