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IntelliStock series of Stockers offers unparalleled product protection from contamination, excess time lapse or oxidation (requires inert gas option) at a truly affordable price.
  • Fully automated Storage System at near WIP rack price

  • Extremely compact

  • SMIF, FOUP, Open Cassette, Reticle Pod or any other carrier compatible

  • Class 10 or Class 100 clean

  • Modular and expandable

  • SEMI E88 compliant interface with MCS

  • Compatible with Overhead Transport System

  • User friendly GUI

  • Optional additional I/O Port

  • SEMI S2/S8 Compliant

  • Possible integration into fab-wide AMHS

  • Self teaching

  • Inert Gas closed circuit option

STRATUS R-series stocker offers cost  per storage position unmatched by any competitions for a small stocker. Comprised of all proven hardware, it provide decade long worry free operation.

  • Most cost effective mini or micro-stocker.

  • Use it as Manual I/O port for Overhead Transport System.

  • 70 storage position with 12' height, up to 120 positions at 20' high (8" SMIF version).

  • Use tall Stocker to transport between two floors.

  • Shorter version are transportable.

  • Special air handling unit available for class 1 or protection from oxidation.



STRATUS H series stockers were designed with space saving in mind. Even older fabs that have limited space can accommodate 26" wide H1 stocker along corridor wall.
  • Only 26" deep for SMIF version (H1 version)  and up to 120 positions

  • Up to 300 positions for SMIF H2 version


This figure shows H2-Series Stocker with dual sided storage racks


Micro-stocker with manual and OHT interface ports. Can be used as tool attached local buffer/load port.





  • Fully comply with SEMI E88 (Stocker SEM)

  • Smart Retrieval System let users sort, view, choose & schedule carrier retrieval with ease

  • Built-in E23 & E84 routines for hand-shaking with overhead transport system

  • Real time system health monitoring


  •  Simple robot position teaching system.

  • Error proof and problem free close-looped I/O & motion system. Your product is safe within the Stocker

  • Seamless integration with IntelliTrack overhead conveyance system.






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