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Together with AT Engineering (a publicly listed & ISO9000 certified company in Malaysia), STRATUS has extensive experience in design and build of a custom automation equipment for back-end assembly and test applications, PCB assembly, consumer electronic device assembly among others.

With unique capabilities and ability to source engineering talent off-shore, Stratus may pleasantly surprise you with very attractive proposal for your one-of-a-kind custom automation or process equipment needs.

Handling & Process equipment for Disk Media Industries. Examples: Head stack bonder,  Slider Sorter, Hard Disk Media Sorter, Swaging Station etc.
Handling & Process equipment for Semiconductor backend. Examples: Frame Laser Marking, Strip Laser Marking, Tray Laser Marking, Trim & Form, Conveyor Systems & Assembly Lines.
Vision & Test Handler for various types of products. Can load from tube, trays, strip form or in bulk. 
Handing & Transportation equipment for PCBA Industries. Examples: Bare Board Loaders, Unloaders, Adjustable Width Conveyors etc.

Some of the machines that AT Engineering has manufactured and been field proven:

  • Semi-auto head stack bonder

  • Fully auto swaging station

  • Slider sorting/pick & place handler

  • Slider jig transfer handler

  • Hard disk media sorter

  • Hard disk labeling machine


  • Assembly line for CLCC: includes loader, die attach, wire bonder, cover assembly and unloder.

  • Test line for PCMCIA card: transfer pre-test cards from loader to over 60+ different types of testers and process machines.


  • Bare PCB loader to conveyor

  • Adjustable width conveyor for PCBA

  • PCB unloader from conveyor

  • Lift & turn for PCBA line

  • Shuttle gate for PCBA line


  • Tester for LED

  • Tester for IC of various packages

  • Tester for encoder

  • Vision system/handler for uBGA product.

  • Vision system/handler for PLCC, SOT, SOJ etc. Products can be in tube, tray, strip, frame form. Automatic sorting and segregation.

  • Vision system/handler for LED color differentiation.


  • Fully automatic connector assembly machine.

  • Ceramic substrate singulation machine

  • Laser marker for various products, packages and in various storage form.

  • Trim & form machines for various packages.


  • Liquid dispenser machine. Epoxy, thermal paste, IPA, glue etc.

  • Printing (inkjet) machine for glove, ICs, catheters etc.

  • End cap/tab insertion machine for IC tube.



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