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IntelliMove is a traffic controller software package that is extremely compact and runs on a Windows computer. Still it can manage and transfer thousands of carriers simultaneously across a Transport System with hundreds of Nodes. It is a true "anywhere to anywhere" transport system controller (TSC). All carriers are tracked in real time.

Brief features list:
  • Compact and affordable yet robust and highly reliable
  • Automatic recovery from EPO  or loss of power
  • Real time full carriers tracking & device monitoring
  • Intelligent anomaly and error recovery system. Perform most recovery & retries automatically and offer multiple reset options to users.
  • Built-in mini-scheduler, recipe builder
  • Fully compatible with all types of commonly used ID readers, including barcodes, RFID (from EMS, Hermos or Ortner) etc. SEMI E99 compliant at driver level.
  • Seamless integration with all IntelliTrack hardware
  • Complete performance, alarm history, transfer history, carrier history logging for full audit trails, accountability & analysis.
  • Powerful in-system diagnostic tool let user perform most device diagnostic using the software instead of hardware. This includes status monitoring, error code feedback & other manual manipulation and override features.
  • Bus-based communication system for simple on-site wiring and maintenance
  • On screen dynamic carrier movement tracking & update, real time graphics showing the movements and whereabouts of carriers.
  • Dynamic, automatic & emergency re-routing to prevent carriers dead lock due to hardware down time.
  • Priority based delivery system
  • Fully SEMI E82(IBSEM) compliant except vehicle specific commands

The figure below shows the Transport System Simulator package that Stratus uses to simulate system feasibility, traffic volume, choke points & perform complete system testing before any hardware is built! This ensure minimal on-site debugging and costly modifications. Any new release of software or firmware will be tested in this virtual environment before releasing will ensure the quality of new release.


Brief features list:

  • Emulates down to firmware level (i.e. the behavior of hardware). This deep level of emulation ensure proper testing of all software components prior to release.

  • System simulator will construct a virtual transport system using the actual system configuration database. Every aspect of the simulated transport system will be identical to the physical version.

  • Hardware Emulator emulates the behaviors of hardware down to sensors toggling, external hand-shake with tools etc. Realistic system simulation ensure that IntelliMove can not tell if it is working with a virtual transport system or the real one.

  • Time-lapsed or stress testing allow high volume of carrier movements into the system that is otherwise unrealistic in actual system.

  • Alarm inducer that can manually force the device to go into certain alarm mode. This will test the recovery behaviors of the transport system.

For customers who has simpler manufacturing processes, typically less than 20 process steps and running 1000 lots or less simultaneously, Stratus has created simplified MES/MCS replacement dubbed IntelliSched. It interfaces with IntelliMove seamlessly and it handles most of the tasks MES performs such as production scheduling, lot or individual wafer process management and emergency rescheduling from a simplified, user friendly GUI and task manager module. 




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