Custom Equipment Design & Build


Having built numerous process and metrology tools for hard disk media, semiconductor and medical device industries, Stratus is well positioned to undertake custom design contracts.  Stratus will design or design/build one prototype for proof of performance. Design document can then be handed over to customer.


Stratus excels in;


a. Precision automation; Systems requiring submicron accuracy such as laser processing.


b. Vision System Integration


c. Laser & Optical System Integration


d. Ultra-clean application: Class 1 to class 100 clean robotics and conveyance.


e. Custom robotics: For applications where general purpose robot does not fit, Stratus will design/build a custom robot.


f. Carrier Handling: Equipment that performs (semiconductor) carrier handling, transport and storage.


g. Software intensive system: Utilizing abundant accumulation of functional modules, Stratus can develop a PC based control system in a short time.


Material Handling & Transport System Design & Integration

Stratus has developed leading edge technologies specifically aimed at factory material handling and transport system. Be it semiconductor wafer or hard disk, Stratus can provide system layout, components selection, control system design and implementation and overall installation.


For non-clean applications, Stratus out-sources  many components from major manufacturers.


Having one of the best AMHS control system, Stratus also welcomes Control System integration contracts.


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