Transport System

Ultra-Clean Conveyor & Turn Table

  • Class 1 (ISO 3) and Class 10 (ISO 4) cleanliness
  • CE Certified
  • Accommodate for different product sizes
  • High reliability and availability
  • Extensive automation integration capabilities compliance with SEMI E84, SECS II according SEMI E4, E5, E30, E37 (with IntelliMove Controller)
  • Easy to install and to integrate with other AMH-systems and expandable.
  • Able to provide local buffering space, reducing the need for large stockers
  • Low initial and maintenance cost.


Vertical Transport with and without IO Station

  • STRATUS cleanroom lifters fulfil cleanroom requirements and meet specific needs when it comes to lifting capacity, throughput and ergonomics.
  • Micro lifters – Small stroke (~500-800mm)
  • Level shifters – Medium stroke (~1M-1.5M)
  • I/O or Single loader – From ground to overhead (~3M)
  • Long Lifter – Multi floor (5M-20+M)
  • CE Certified

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