AMHS Software Solution

IntelliMove Transport System Controller (TSC)

  • Transport System Controller (TSC) software called IntelliMove
  • Just in time and smart material delivery and routing solution 
  • Fully SEMI E82 compliant
  • Flexibilities in system configurations, future expansion & tool upgrades/relocation.
  • Full suites of hardware simulation & emulation capabilities
  • Real time carrier tracking & reporting, intelligent anomaly recovery with automatic problem identifications and resolutions, extensive in-system diagnostic functions & much more!

IntelliStock  Stocker Controller

  • Absolute Encoder Servo System
  • Even in the event of Power Blackout or E-Stop, recovery does not require Homing
  • Fully Compliant with SEMI E88 (Stocker SEM)
  • Configurable I/O Port (Std I/F is SEMI E84 Compliant)
  • User Friendly US Developed Software (IntelliStock)

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