About Us

  • STRATUS Automation strives to provide world class cleanroom AMHS solutions. We are a cleanroom AMHS specialist taking pride in providing solutions with:
Twice The Throughput For Half The Cost
High Reliability with near-zero maintenance
Innovative Design Ahead Of Market Trend
Flexibility To Accommodate Customer’s Requirement
  • Our products have been served to customers in a range of industries and countries

Twice the Throughput for Half the Cost

Hybrid AMHS

  • Transport System
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS)


  • Overhead Hoist Transport (OHT)
  • Conveyor
  • Transport Control System (TCS)
  • IntelliMove
  • IntelliStock

Automated Storage
& Retrieval System

  • T-type Stocker
  • R-type Stocker
  • Zero Footprint Stocker (ZFS)




  • SSMC Award
  • Semiconductor Tech

Latest News

Company Sports Event – Badminton Tournament 2023
  • STRATUS Automation recently hosted a lively badminton tournament, uniting employees from diverse departments in a spirited display of sportsmanship.
  • The event showcased participants’ badminton skills while fostering a vibrant atmosphere of friendly competition and teamwork, echoing the company’s commitment to unity and shared enjoyment in company activities.
Company Sports Event – Bowling Tournament 2023
  • STRATUS Automation organised a bowling tournament as the first company sports event where employees from various departments showcased their bowling prowess, creating an electric atmosphere of friendly competition and shared enjoyment.
  • The tournament not only brought out the competitive spirit in everyone but also reinforced the sense of unity that defines our company culture.
  • We look forward to more opportunities to come together, celebrate our unity, and create lasting moments.
Semiconductor Digest July 2023
  • STRATUS enriches its robust product lineup by unveiling the groundbreaking Hybrid AMHS which caters for FOUP carriers in addition to SMIF carriers.
  • This signifies STRATUS’s unrelenting commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions which aims to revolutionise the semiconductor landscape.
  • Check out the Hybrid AMHS for FOUP/SMIF in the Semiconductor Digest July 2023 issue at https://www.semiconductor-digest.com/magazine/