Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS)

  • T-type Stocker, R-type Stocker, Zero Footprint Stocker (ZFS)
  • Customizable to suit different type of carriers
T-type Stocker
  • Compact & Highest Density Storage
  • Capacity customizable based on dimension configuration
  • Class 10 (Fed Std 209E) | ISO Class 4 with moderate evacuation (All axes above 2ft from ground)
  • Well-proven dedicated stocker software (IntelliStock) with very intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Smooth acceleration & deceleration profiles
  • High throughput (180 to 220 transactions per hour)
  • Seamless integration with IntelliMove
  • On-Gripper camera that aids teaching
  • SEMI-E88 (Stocker SEM) Fully Compliant
  • Suitable for large capacity storage
  • Absolute Encoder for all 4 axes
  • Gripper camera for teaching aid
R-type Stocker
  • Radial (R-Type) Stocker up to 30M Tall
  • Doubles as Inter-floor Transport as well as Stocker
  • Class 100 or 10 (Fed Std 209E) | ISO Class 5 to Class 4
  • High Speed Vertical Transport (2M+/sec)
  • IntelliStock GUI at Multiple Floor
  • Cost Competitive with T-Stocker
  • Absolute Encoder for quick recovery from Power Loss
  • Suitable for compact space
  • Gripper camera for teaching aid
Zero Footprint Stocker (ZFS)
  • Multi-Layer High Capacity – Up to 4 layers (for 200mm wafer box) and unlimited (Full Bay) length
  • Typical capacity of 200 to 300 boxes/bay (24M Bay length)
  • Light Weight suitable for hanging
  • Suitable as Intra-Bay Near-Tool Buffer
  • Easy interface with Conveyor, OHT or Lifter
  • Fast recovery from EMO due to Absolute Encoder on X-Axis
  • Uses Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) System
  • Suitable for overhead storage