Stratus Automation is a premier provider of custom automation and equipment integration services catering to high-technology industries that require cleanliness, sub-micron accuracy and extremely high reliability.



Stratus excels in;


a. Precision automation; Systems requiring submicron accuracy such as laser processing.


b. Vision System Integration


c. Laser & Optical System Integration


d. Ultra-clean application: Class 1 to class 100 clean robotics and conveyance.


e. Custom robotics: For applications where general purpose robot does not fit, Stratus will design/build a custom robot.


f. Carrier Handling: Equipment that performs (semiconductor) carrier handling, transport and storage.


g. Software intensive system: Utilizing abundant accumulation of functional modules, Stratus can develop a PC based control system in a short time.

  • Ultra-Clean IntelliTrack Conveyor

  • Wafer, Disk, Silicone Ingot




  • IntelliTrack Embedded Controller

  • Distributed I/O System

  • Intelligent Motion Controller

  • Laser Process Tool

  • Vision System Integration

  • Ultra Clean & Precision Handling System

  • Metrology

  • ID Marking & Sortation


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