PCB Design Engineer

Job Vacancy

PCB Design Engineer

Job Highlights:

  • We are expanding! A great opportunity to be part of the dynamic and fast-growing team.
  • Excellent opportunities for career advancement.
  • One of the global leaders in cleanroom automation.


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with the circuit designer and translate the schematics into PCB.
  • Create and maintain schematic or layout’s footprint library.
  • Propose trace routing required and complete the design in time.
  • Troubleshoot, write report, and improve current PCB design.
  • Perform DRC (Design Rule Check) before drawing release.
  • Cross check the schematic with the schematic designer.
  • BOM and production file generation.
  • Responsible for new hardware designs and maintaining existing hardware.
  • Conduct feasibility study, design, implementation, testing and maintenance.
  • Develop and test new ideas for product improvement.
  • Actively participate in cross function teams, which includes mechanical, circuit designer, and firmware teams.
  • Evaluate, test, and review the hardware before release to firmware teams.




  • Diploma/degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in related field.
  • Good technical and analytical skills with ability to work under minimum supervision.
  • Familiar with is component placement and routing techniques.
  • Able to design simple circuits, such as RC circuit and LC circuit.
  • Good understanding of components and the working principles of electrical components and electronics.
  • Able to mathematically model basic electrical components, such as diodes, BJTs, MOSFETS, IGBTs, and passive components.
  • Able to perform basic soldering.
  • Understand basic hardware communication protocol such as UART, I2C, SPI, USB, and Ethernet.



  • Soldering skill
  • PCB and Schematic



  • Altium designer or similar tools.
  • Understand hardware register access and how to interact with them.
  • Knowledge of how to debug hardware communication protocols.
  • Good understanding of what is Interrupt and hardware timer.