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Stratus Automation Annual Dinner and Service Awards 2024 – Retro Rewind

  • STRATUS celebrated its 3rd annual dinner, dedicated to expressing gratitude to all employees and their families for their unwavering support throughout STRATUS' significant growth journey
  • STRATUS included a thrilling lucky draw section for attendees, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the event and proudly presents the Service Award to honor the dedicated commitment and loyalty of employees who have served for more than 5 years

Semiconductor Digest November/December 2023

  • STRATUS has showcased the remarkable capabilities of its Hybrid Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS), demonstrating its capability of achieving higher throughput and Work-In-Progress (WIP) storage capacity compared to conventional systems, enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility within semiconductor manufacturing and cleanroom processes.
  • Check out STRATUS’ Hybrid AMHS in the Semiconductor Digest November/December 2023 edition at

Company Sports Event – Badminton Tournament 2023

  • STRATUS Automation recently hosted a lively badminton tournament, uniting employees from diverse departments in a spirited display of sportsmanship.
  • The event showcased participants' badminton skills while fostering a vibrant atmosphere of friendly competition and teamwork, echoing the company's commitment to unity and shared enjoyment in company activities.

Company Sports Event – Bowling Tournament 2023

  • STRATUS Automation organised a bowling tournament as the first company sports event where employees from various departments showcased their bowling prowess, creating an electric atmosphere of friendly competition and shared enjoyment.
  • The tournament not only brought out the competitive spirit in everyone but also reinforced the sense of unity that defines our company culture.
  • We look forward to more opportunities to come together, celebrate our unity, and create lasting moments.

SEMICON SEA 2023 | Penang, Malaysia

The SEMICON SEA 2023 held at Setia SPICE Convention Centre from May 23-25 proved to be a triumph for STRATUS Automation (Booth C713) which solidifies STRATUS's reputation for delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry. STRATUS Automation proudly emerged as one of the standout exhibitors, sparking a wave of customer interest and garnering an impressive influx of potential customer enquiries, validating its industry-leading solutions. STRATUS Automation will continue pushing boundaries, introducing groundbreaking technologies, and shaping the future of automation. See you next year at SEMICON SEA 2024!

SEMICON SouthEast Asia 2023

Join STRATUS Automation at SEMICON SEA 2023 from May 23-25 at Booth C713 in the Setia Spice Convention Centre, Penang where STRATUS will be on hand to showcase cutting-edge product information and solutions that will streamline your frontend and backend processes in your cleanroom fabs. Don't miss your chance to see STRATUS Automation in action – the 1-month countdown to SEMICON SEA 2023 starts now!

Lobby Renovation

STRATUS Automation redesigned the lobby to provide a welcoming and comfortable space for everyone who walks through our doors and redefine the environment we create which reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation, while prioritizing the needs of our customers

International Semiconductor Executive Summits (ISES) US 2023

  • STRATUS Automation participated in ISES US 2023 in Arizona, USA where semiconductor industry leaders meet to strategise and shape the future of the industry
  • STRATUS is thrilled to gain invaluable insights and exchange ideas with global leaders of the industry as well as creating network with top professionals in addition to building up the recognition of our brand in the semiconductor industry